Warranty Packages

 The fear for many buyers when dipping into the used car market is the reliability of the car in question. At SMG Performance Cars, we understand that this is heightened when buying cars that are not always renowned for that durability. That’s why we offer extended warranties to protect your purchase for a longer period of time to ensure that you can be free to enjoy your new car.

Stocking performance as well as day to day vehicles is just part of our comprehensive service. We have built our trusted reputation not just on keeping the prices of performance cars competitive, but remaining committed to supporting you throughout your ownership of your car for a number of years.

Through our warranty packages you have access to trained mechanics who are experienced on a wide range of makes and models, so your car is in safe hands. Better still, to guarantee that your vehicle receives the highest levels of care. This means that when its returned to you it will be in the very best condition and at optimum performance every day.

Simply ask one of our advisers about the best warranty package for you and get back to enjoying your car, we work with a number of various warranty companies For more information on the warranty companies we work with and what they cover please contact us

Our vehicles are offered with a standard 12month warranty unless stated, any warranty claims with any of our vehicle sold by us must be taken up with the warranty company provided before contacting us

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