About us

SMG Performance Cars is a dealership that focuses on providing customers with high quality performance cars, along with the best customer service they can receive. It’s a goal that we do not take very lightly, and it’s one that we continue to work towards every day. That’s why SMG Performance Cars hires the very best staff members that continue to stay abreast of car trends as they happen, and why our dealership lots always are fully stocked with the hottest upscale cars of the year.

Unlike other dealerships, which are completely and totally money-oriented, SMG Performance Cars is a dealership that was founded by people who are really passionate about performance cars. Our passion for performance cars of all sorts shines through in every single aspect of our dealership, from the selection of cars we offer, to the vast amounts of knowledge that our sales staff members have on all things car-related, to the sheer amount of work we put into making every customer’s experience with us as great as it can be. From what we hear from our customers, our passion for performance cars and providing great service shows.

For us, working at SMG Performance Cars is something that we are proud of. We are proud to be part of such a close team, and we are also proud to be working in one of the best dealerships for performance cars in the area. We are proud to help our customers find the car of their dreams, and we are also very proud whenever we are complimented on what we do. At SMG Performance Cars, we love to make our customers as happy as can be, and every day we work is a day that is a matter of pride.

Everyone who visits SMG Performance Cars can tell that our dealership is unique in a multitude of ways. They can feel the family atmosphere on the dealership lot, the passion that each staff member has for performance cars, and the fact that we really do care about our customers. We know that our dealership is not the norm, and the fact is that nothing makes us happier than knowing that our dealership is the best at what it does.

SMG Performance Cars also prides itself on a dealership that is constantly looking to improve their selection and services. We can’t do that without the help of customers like you. So, if you ever have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always curious to find out what you think.

SMG Performance Cars is a dealership that is always ready to help out. Whether you are looking for a performance car that turns heads, or just want to get the latest scoop on performance car trends, SMG Performance Cars is here for you. Come by our dealership lot, and find out why we are the number one performance car dealership in the area. We can’t wait to show you what great car dealership experiences are like.